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Farm handicraft of class: when the dexterity meets the design

For a journey into the most authentic flavors and traditions of South Tyrol, a holiday is not complete without having tasted the products or admired the handcrafts realised in the Farm Holidays Red Rooster, a brand that guarantee high quality standards and to which 1600 farms belong. Among these, some are real farm holidays where it is possible to stay and spend relaxing holidays in contact with the nature, others dedicate themselves to the farm restoration and offer wines and dishes in their bars, others work the land to obtain and sell genuine culinary products.

About ten farms supported by this association guard and carry on ancient farm artisan traditions, such as turning and carving wood, processing wool or egg decoration. The farmers are skilled artisans who, with quality raw materials coming exclusively from the farm and following strict processing criteria, achieve valuable objects, authentic and innovative, the perfect artworks that combine functionality and style.

In the ateliers of farms Red Rooster you can learn all about the work of farmers, buy exclusive pieces, traditional or design, utensils and everyday handicraft products, decorative or accessories: from turned wood, carved and engraved born bowls, spheres, vases, woven objects, sculptures, portraits. The warm slippers, hats, bags and backpacks are created from the wool transformed in felt. From the hay dried in the sun, figures and decorative elements with an inebriating perfume are made by hand.

However, the creativity of the farmers of South Tyrol doesn’t stop here: there are those who managed to give value and uniqueness also to goose eggs that are emptied, hand-colored and delicately engraved with Easter references, verses, wishes, custom phrases, to give or take home.