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Classic cars: class and style

Unforgettable adventure on board a classic car: freedom, comfortable leather seats, panoramic scenarios, small villages to discover slowly with the rhythms of the last century, reliving the mythical 60s-70s ... if you are looking for a unique experience on the fantastic Oldtimers full of class, style and charm, the Ansitz Plantitscherhof Hotel in Merano offers much more than a simple holiday by car: a touch of luxury with guided tours, car rentals and tastings organized directly by the owner, Johannes Gufler, a great lover of classic cars, founder of an exclusive club with international meetings and promoter of numerous events during the year, such as the Merano Classic, the Vinum Classic Südtirol or the Dolomites Classic.

In the garage of the hotel there is a private collection with possibility for the guests to rent a car for a one-day tour: Mercedes Benz Pagode 230 SL, VW – Bus Bulli T2, Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina, Fiat 500 R, Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Touring Superleggera, Ferrari Dino 208 GT4.

Every week it’s possible to take part to a dedicated program: on Monday, aperitif in the garage with proposals of exciting tours, on Tuesday visit to the museum of the classic car “Garage 61”, on Wednesday wine tour on board the VW Bulli T2,on Friday an exciting tour through the wonderful and natural landscapes and vineyard of South Tyrol with the VW Bulli T2 vintage minibus.
Specific packages are also at guest’s disposal, where the passion for vintage cars is combined with whiskey tastings, cigars, days of shopping in Merano and wellness in the hotel's Golden SPA.

For those who have their own classic car, the hotel offers special services, such as: video-monitored parking garage and parking lot, well-equipped tool room, road book with all vintage cars 2013, advice on a classic car tour for a holiday.. with the wind in your hair!