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Vajolet Alpine Room on the first floor - cover

Vajolet Alpine Room on the first floor

1 - 3 guests 35 m²

Cosy Vajolet alpine room on the 1st floor - 35m² smelling of pine wood, safe, Flat-TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, comfortable cor... More info

Edelweiss Room - cover

Edelweiss Room

2 - 3 guests 38 m²

The cosy room on the top floor has a large balcony with a view of the Catinaccio/Rosengarten, a comfortable sitting area... More info

Suite Traun - cover

Suite Traun

1 - 3 guests 98 m²

Traun Suite furnished in modern alpine lifestyle flair with elegant oak wood and loden fabrics. A spacious living area w... More info

Gartl suite - cover

Gartl suite

1 - 5 guests 73 m²

Gartl Suite in modern Alpine Lifestyle flair, with two cozy bedrooms equipped of chopped oak and loden living area with... More info

Laurin room - cover

Laurin room

2 guests 42 m²

Open space room (south side) of 42m² with window front and from the balcony a view to the spectacular skyline of the Ros... More info

Valbona Room - cover

Valbona Room

2 guests 47 m²

Room with wonderful view of the Sciliar. The natural materials such as pine, larch and loden fabrics create a warm and r... More info

Einzelzimmer Saltner - cover

Einzelzimmer Saltner

1 guest 26 m²

Offenes Zimmer mit bodentiefen Fenstern und einem spektakulären Blick auf die Berge. Feines Eichenholz im alpinen Stil.... More info

Nature Schlern room - cover

Nature Schlern room

2 guests 42 m²

Open space room (north side) of 41m² with window front and view to the spectacular Schlern massif. Fine oak wood in alpi... More info

Delago Room - cover

Delago Room

1 - 3 guests 35 m²

In modern "Alpine Lifestyle" style. Decorated in oak wood with a comfortable living area with loden fabrics, spacious so... More info

Alpinea Vajolet - cover

Alpinea Vajolet

1 - 3 guests 35 m²

The cosy room on the upper floor was furnished with fragrant pine and larch wood flooring. The comfortable sitting area... More info

Single room Jungbrunn - cover

Single room Jungbrunn

1 guest 20 m²

The nature room inspires with its modern Alpine ambience and wonderful view of the Sciliar/Schlern. It is furnished with... More info

Alpinea Edelweiss Room - cover

Alpinea Edelweiss Room

2 - 3 guests 40 m²

41m2 for 2-4 people Exclusivity of the Alpinea Edelweiss Room: Located high up on the third floor, these rooms offer a... More info

Jungbrunn Family Room - cover

Jungbrunn Family Room

2 - 4 guests 42 m²

In modern "Alpine Lifestyle" style, with a bedroom for children, separated on about 42 square meters. Furnished with oak... More info

Delago nature room ground floor - cover

Delago nature room ground floor

2 - 3 guests 35 m²

Nature Room Delago, on 35 sqm in modern Alpine lifestyle flair. Equipped with chopped oak, loden cozy living area with s... More info

Nature room Jungbrunn - cover

Nature room Jungbrunn

1 - 3 guests 40 m²

Nature room Jungbrunn, with approximately 40 m² in modern Alpine Lifestyle flair, equipped with chopped oak, loden cozy... More info

Family Room Alpinea - cover

Family Room Alpinea

2 - 4 guests 40 m²

For 3 or 4 people Retreat in the Alpinea Vajolet Family Room: These rustic-styled rooms, furnished with fragrant stone... More info

Suite Antermoja - cover

Suite Antermoja

2 - 3 guests 93 m²

Antermoja Suite furnished in modern alpine lifestyle flair with elegant oak wood and loden fabrics. A spacious living ar... More info


Mountain bliss & vertical excitement - cover
Validity periods
  • From 01/06/2024 to 01/11/2024

Mountain bliss & vertical excitement

Minimum Stay: 6 nights

Explore the majestic beauty of the mountain landscape while simultaneously testing your own limits. With two thrilling via ferrata tours, guided by experienced mountain guides, an unforgettable adventure awaits you. We offer you the opportunity to expand your climbing skills and reach new heights. We provide the necessary equipment and safety as you embark on these exciting challenges. Step outside, breathe the fresh mountain air, and experience the fascination of the vertical world. Mountain bliss and climbing thrills await you!

Included services

- 2 Via Ferratas with a state certified mountain guide

- equipment rental: climbing harness, fixed-rope climbing set, helmets

- daily guided hiking tours

- mountain pass 5/7

- free use of our Similde SPA wellness area

- Wellness voucher (value € 50,00)

Your first Via Ferrata - cover
Validity periods
  • From 01/06/2024 to 01/11/2024

Your first Via Ferrata

Minimum Stay: 6 nights

Our experienced mountain guides will accompany you on this adventure, which will not only introduce you to the beauty of nature but also awaken joy and pride when you conquer your first via ferrata tour. Even if you have no prior experience, this is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the world of via ferratas. We provide the necessary equipment and guidance to ensure you feel safe and comfortable as you take your first steps in this exciting activity.

Included services:

- The first Via Ferrata with a state certified mountain guide

- Equipment rental: climbing harness, fixed-rope climbing set, helmet

- Daily guided hiking tours

- Free access to our Similde SPA area

- Moutain Pass 5/7

- Wellness voucher in the value of € 50,00

Summit seeker - cover
Validity periods
  • From 01/06/2024 to 21/10/2024

Summit seeker

Minimum Stay: 6 nights

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Dolomites as you are guided by experienced mountain guides across imposing rock walls, breathtaking ridges, majestic towers, and sublime peaks. With a total of four challenging routes, this package not only offers spectacular views but also the unique opportunity to push your limits and conquer summits that seemed unattainable. Enjoy the thrill of vertical adventure as you are safely led through the most breathtaking landscapes. The "Summit Seeker" package is the perfect choice for those seeking an unforgettable mountain adventure. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and conquer the peaks of your dreams!

Included services:

- 4 fixed-rope climbing tours with a state certified mountain guide

- equipment rental: climbing harness, fixed-rope climbing set, helmet

- daily guided hiking tours

- mountain pass 3/7

- free use of the Similde SPA wellness area

- 1 wellness voucher (value € 50,00)

Hike & Bike in spring - cover
Validity periods
  • From 01/06/2024 to 02/11/2024

Hike & Bike in spring

Minimum Stay: 6 nights

Experience the Dolomites in an entirely new way: discover hidden gems during our guided hikes and feel the thrill on exciting singletrails during our guided e-bike tours. Our passionate guides will lead you to the most beautiful places around Rosengarten, Schlern, and Latemar mountain, showing you what this region truly has to offer. Are you ready for unforgettable adventures?

Includes services:

daily guided hiking tours

- 3 guided mountain bike tours

- e-bike rental on 4 days

- daily relaxation programme

- use of the wellness area Similde SPA

- leg massage with activating oil from the mountain pine

Cultural week - cover
Validity periods
  • From 08/06/2024 to 17/06/2024

Cultural week

Welcome to an unforgettable cultural experience in the heart of the Dolomites! Immerse yourself in a week-long celebration of art, music, and fine wines amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the mountains. Throughout the week, we invite you to participate in a diverse selection of enriching events.

Luckily, inspiration has never been in short supply here. The surrounding forests, valleys, and the exciting mountain peaks and ski slopes have consistently captivated our guests, refueling their zest for everyday life. But today, just as always, we're poised to push new boundaries. Beauty in fresh forms is moving into our house. We want to laugh and sigh with you, explore new worlds, and share inspiration.

Our recommendation: Don't miss out! A vibrant program and exciting artists await you! (And of course, our outdoor program never takes a break!)

Whether you're a culture enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and enriching getaway, come and share the excitement of our inaugural Culture Week!

Sunday 09.06.

Opening Aperitif

Tuesday. 11.06.

"The Power of the Voice" - Chamber music with bass-baritone Diego Villegas & pianist Enzo Weber

„ In the beginning was the voice. Voice is the sounding breath, the audible sign of life.”

A friendly approach: Our 'Resident Artists' will guide you through a journey where you'll think about your own voice and enjoy an entertaining program.

Wednesday 12.06.

"Is There Life After Love?" – Theatre evening with Julian Pichler and Laura Masten. The two South Tyrolean actors bring a modern romantic comedy. (Event in German)

Thursday 13.06.

Wine & Music: Experience music and wine with all your senses

Our sommeliers and artists have crafted a unique wine tasting experience for you. Ever listened with your mouth?

Saturday, 15.06

Art & Science – Talk and workshop with Daniela Brill

Daniela Brill is an exceptionally sensitive artist who finds inspiration in various physical phenomena. She discovers magic in the science of life and invites us to observe our world with enthusiasm and mindfulness. Daniela turns physical laws into poetry.

Discover YOUR S.E.L.F - cover
Validity periods
  • From 15/06/2024 to 01/07/2024

Discover YOUR S.E.L.F

Minimum Stay: 6 nights

Begin a journey of self-discovery with us! Relax and bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

The 21st of June is the International Day of Yoga and we have taken this as an occasion to dedicate a whole week to mindfulness. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with us! It's about intentionally setting aside time, introspecting, working on oneself, and returning from this break revitalized.


07:30 - 09:30

We start the day with a short meditation and then move into motion. The morning Yang practice is invigorating and grounding at the same time. We want to consciously feel the fire practice and experience its nourishing strength and energy that positively affects the body and mind. After the yoga session, we venture into the forest. With targeted breathing exercises, we remind ourselves that every challenge passes and that change is constant.


15:00 - 18:00

Forest Bathing: a quiet date with nature

Guided letting go. Pay close attention and take it all in. Search for the wonders of nature and find your own self.


04:30 - 09:00

Morning hike to the Tschafon, yoga session at sunrise and afterwards a well-deserved breakfast at the Tschafon hut.

With every sunrise come new hopes and dreams. Let's use it as a reminder that life is full of possibilities. The yoga session is a combination of breathing exercises and gentle stretching to boost your energy and prepare you for the day. We want to be in harmony with nature and do something good for ourselves. Enjoy the calm and peace that the sunrise brings.


16:00 - 18:30

Energy pictures

We identify your individual colors through a pendulum and then you can use this information to create your personal energy picture. From this energy synergy, works are created that can give a new balance to a room and lift the mood.


07:30 - 09:30

5 Tibetans & breathing exercises

Through the targeted exercises all areas of the body, as well as the internal organs, can be regulated, stimulated and regenerated.


Welcome to the Similde SPA

If the body is relaxed, the mind can also benefit from it: recharging your energies means first of all to breathe, clear your mind and let yourself go in the magnificent Similde SPA. The environment is surrounded by water, wood, stones and fire created to take guests into a relaxed atmosphere of well-being. 

The Similde Spa offers four types of saunas: in addition to the traditional clay and Swiss pine saunas, there is a barn sauna and a Finnish glass sauna with panoramic views in the outdoor garden. After a pleasant sauna session, you can reactivate your senses with the experience showers, Kneipp path or in the ice grotto, before plunging into the sea salt whirlpool or relaxing on the water or hay beds in the relaxation area. Also enjoy a swim in the outdoor and indoor pools or a rejuvenating dip in the swimming pond.

The beauty area has 9 treatment cabins for facial and body treatments with natural cosmetic products, such as the Sarntaler mugo pine peeling, massages with marigold, chamomile or salt stones, and purification ritual experiences with exclusive South Tyrolean silver quartzite, as well as treatments for children, expectant mothers and couple treatments in the new themed cabin.

Local Tastes

The restaurant's philosophy is based on four key words: quality, taste, seasonality and regionality. The five-course evening menu is a gourmet reinterpretation of local, Italian and Tyrolean recipes, based on seasonal raw materials supplied by local farmers and breeders. Each dish is accompanied by a selection of mainly local and national wines. Weekly wine tastings are organised in the hotel's wine cellar. Finally, the Mountaineer's Bar is the perfect place for a drink in company.

High altitudes emotions

Positioned in a spectacular mountain scenery, the hotel is an ideal point to practise wonderful activities directly on the Dolomites. The Cyprianerhof, among its many services, has an abundant weekly program that consists of exercises to strengthen body and soul. Yoga, Water Aerobics, rocks course, technical mountain bike course, slackline, climbing exercises, various excursions and much more. Satisfying any customer’s need, the structure has been awarded 5 rock crystals in the category Wanderhotels.

Opposite the hotel, you will find the Tires-Carezza cable car departure station, which provides easy access to the Carezza-Val d'Ega ski area and the numerous hiking trails and discovery routes in the Catinaccio and Latemar mountains.

Skiing in the presence of the Dolomites

Your skiing day starts in front of the hotel. The new 60-seat Tires cable car takes you directly to the slopes of the Carezza ski area, officially recognised by the European Union as an 'Alpine climatic ski resort'. The 5-star hotel's experienced ski guides will take you on exciting ski safaris in the most beautiful areas of the Dolomites.


Fam. Damian

Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort is a 5 stars hotel located in the charming and pure Tires Valley at the foot of the majestic Catinaccio, in the protected area of the Natural Park Sciliar-Catinaccio. Here, in the heart of the Dolomites, a fascinating alpine landscape is waiting for you to explore it during a stay that will bring out well-being, relaxation and love for nature.

The hotel is indeed the ideal starting point for excursions on foot or on two wheels, climbing and trekking for experts or enthusiasts. You can also rent equipment for free (backpacks, sticks, water bottles etc.) and for those who love venturing into pure and unforgettable mountain environments, there is the possibility of being accompanied by experienced mountain guides to discover the Catinaccio, the area designated as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

At Cyprianerhof you will be surrounded by nature both inside and out. The facility offers over 1,200 square metres dedicated to wellness: spa, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, bathing pond and relaxation areas. Everything to cuddle guests with totally natural treatments, pure spring water, aromatic herbs and essential oils that can regenerate body and soul. And in order to stimulate the senses, you can also experience the emotional showers, the Kneipp path and the unmissable ice cave.

Moreover, the hotel's kitchen will delight even the most demanding palates with culinary creations that make use of the best organic products that the territory has to offer us: vegetables and fruit come from the most famous and environmentally aware farms, while milk and meats are from the alpine pastures and local producers. A culinary journey that will crown a holiday that is natural in every way possible.

Facilities and Conditions

  • ATM/Cash machine 5 km
  • Elevators
  • Room service
  • Safe deposit box
  • Multilingual staff
    • Italian
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Porter
  • Complimentary newspaper in lobby
  • Connecting rooms
  • Interior corridors
  • Smoke-free property
  • Guestroom wireless internet
Sport and activities
  • Live entertainment
  • Fitness center <500 m
  • Mountain climbing <500 m
  • Rock climbing <500 m
  • Walking routes <500 m
  • Jogging trail <500 m
  • Hiking trail <500 m
Food & Drink
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Lounges/bars
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Welcome drink
  • Concierge breakfast
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Gluten free
  • Diabetic/sugar free
  • Lactose free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Children's menu
  • Car rental desk
  • Tour/sightseeing desk
  • Turndown service
  • Boarding pass print-out available
  • Ski slopes <500 m
  • Ski room
  • Dolomiti Superski <500 m
  • Ski rental <500 m
  • Free skibus
  • Cross country skiing 5 km
  • Snowboard <500 m
  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Free parking
  • Indoor parking
  • Parking
  • Motorcycle parking
  • Electric car charging stations <500 m
Pools, spa and wellness
  • Exercise gym
  • Pool
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • Health and beauty services
  • Relaxation area
  • Spa
  • Beauty farm
  • Sauna
  • Local transportation services
  • Airport shuttle service
Front-desk/reception area services
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Front desk
  • Baggage hold
  • Late check-out available
  • Lobby
Family and children
  • Game room
Cleaning services
  • Laundry
  • Valet cleaning
  • Complimentary self service laundry
  • Meeting rooms
  • Gift/News stand
  • Sundry/Convenience store
Payment methods
  • Cheque
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
    • CartaSì
    • Euro/Mastercard
    • Visa
    • Maestro
  • Pets allowed
  • Mountain biking/ bike trail <500 m
  • Cyclists welcome
  • Bike storage room
  • Bike rental <500 m
  • Quiet location
  • Panoramic location