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South Tyrol Balance

South Tyrol Balance

Rebalance the body and the mind with healthy food and exercise 

Regenerating activities, cooking courses, meditation and fitness at the mountain, guided tours in the farms and in the herbs gardens, wine and food tastings and evening walks through magical places with centuries-old traditions. This and much more with South Tyrol Balance, a way to live life in a healthy and active way order to find your inner balance after a work week.

The tourist area Bolzano Vigneti e Dolomiti believes in the welfare of people, their psychophysical state and the excellence of its territory. With these motivations, more than thousand guided experiences have been planned between April, May and June in order to experience with all five senses the colors and flavors of the spring.

The theme of this event is the cuisine. With workshops, courses and meetings with great starred chefs we want to raise awareness of the treasures of a healthy and well-maintained area, but also enrich and integrate into their lives a good diet to restore their physique in order to work better.

Furthermore, it is a good means to develop a responsible and active tourism. A perfect combination of events, courses and relaxation to drive away the negative thoughts and to stimulate new sensations into themselves. A good way to stay forever young in body with the body and mind. 

Foto credits: Area vacanza Bolzano Vigneti e Dolomiti / AT Appiano - Marion Lafogler / BVD - Tiberio Sorvillo / AT Val Sarentino  - Laurin Moser / AT - Renon - Tiberio Sorvillo / Roswitha Mair / IDM Südtirol - Alex Filz

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Idyllic mountain villages situated in the most beautiful mountains in the world

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A careful selection of the best hotels. Romantic hotels, golf hotels, design hotels and family hotels… for your charme holidays in the Dolomites.

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A wide range of luxury services offered by the hotels to make your stay exclusive and unique.


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