ConTanima: the new restaurant at Parkhotel Laurin in Bolzano

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  2. ConTanima: the new restaurant at Parkhotel Laurin in Bolzano

Once a glasshouse, now a gourmet restaurant. The Glasshouse, surrounded by the greenery of the Parkhotel Laurin, welcomes its guests to the new ConTanima restaurant. Located in the heart of Bolzano, it is inspired by the hotel's history of encounters between cultures, worlds and flavours, which over the years have made it a true meeting point for socialites, a salon frequented by celebrities from the worlds of politics, economics and culture.

Since 1400, prominent merchants from the Bishopric Principality of Trento, the Republic of Venice and Florence moved to Bolzano. The fact that the region belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1919 influenced its cuisine, architecture and culture.

The philosophy of the ConTanima restaurant is based on the search for one's roots, simplicity, innovation and appreciation of one's own region.

The protagonist of this gastronomic culture is the culinary style of executive chef Matteo Taccini, based on fresh, seasonal ingredients selected from attentive local producers and small businesses in South Tyrol, Tuscany, Veneto and Austria. Innovation and tradition come together in the cooking techniques and preservation methods, with particular attention paid to respect for the environment. The menu always offers different dishes that follow the course of the seasons.