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The natural cosmetics line of ADLER SPA

The family of ADLER, in cooperation with the Doctor Francesca Ferri and its laboratory Effegilab, have realized a personalized line of cosmetics products ADLER SPA for the cure of natural beauty. The creams and the treatments are additive-free and without chemical colorants, they contain only purely natural substances originating from the mountains of South Tyrol, such as edelweiss, red grapes, raspberry and others from different areas of Toscana. For their production, they use exclusively vegetable products and liquids such as the raspberry oil. Moreover, the line is characterized by the richness of revitalizing and biocompatible substances with our skin.

The edelweiss grows on limestone, in arid mountainous areas located at altitudes between 800 and 3000 meters. This vegetable has a special defense mechanism against extreme cold and protects the skin from the ravages of the elements, moisture loss as well as UV radiation, giving it a fresh and healthy radiance. The Edelweiss cosmetic line is available as a cream for the protection against the cold, as moisturizer for sensitive and dry skins, and it is effective as anti-aging cure. It consist also of cleansing milk, day and night cream, eye cream and serum.

The raspberry also grows in mountainous regions at an altitude of 2000 meters and along the forest edges. Its flowers and leaves contain antioxidants, rich of vitamins, soothing and astringent substances. Essential oils, citric acid, vitamins C and B, tannin and pectin produce moisturizing and energizing effects. In addition, this small red fruit is an effective antioxidant with moisturizing, regenerating and nutritious properties. It gives the skin elasticity, protecting it from UV rays. In addition, the raspberry line includes a shower gel, an emulsifier and a body oil.

It is worth discovering the quality of products and indulge some delicious bio wellness treatments. The ADLER team with its great professionality will be grateful to suggest the guests the more accurate and suitable choice to their needs. Possibility of purchase in the online spa shop.