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Located on the Sellaronda circuit, Arabba's Burz mountain hut is the ideal location to rest and to enjoy a splendid mountain view, at an altitude of 1.936 m. A popular destination both during winter and summer.
Skiers can enjoy 62 km of slopes of every level and difficulty, while excursionist and mountain bikes lovers will find all they are looking for.

The mountain hut was established when Settimo Alpini was restructured, built in 1962 with the construction of Arabba's first chair lift. In 2013, thanks to CEO Diego de Battista, it was modernised, becoming a state-of-the-art facility both from a technical and energetic standpoint: from the outside it appears to be a classic mountain hut, but the fascinating part are the interiors, thanks to a high-class, warm, and modern architecture with large panoramic windows, from where you feel as though you could touch the Ladine mountains with a finger.

Eat & Drink at Burz Hut

Not only a feast for the eyes, but the palate too will be satisfied: Arabba's Burz offers you high quality cuisine. For a great start to the day, for breakfast you will find local coffee, and sweet and salty snacks. In the restaurant, open both for lunch and dinner, you can taste high quality dishes that range from local, to Italian, to South Tyrolean, served with a wide array of wines. For those who can’t do without it, pizza will naturally be served, while the outdoor American style bar is the ideal place for a quick break.

On the terrace the whirlpool awaits those who wish to rest and relax whilst taking in the tranquillity and natural surroundings.

How to get to Burz Hut | Arabba

The Burz is easy reachable in 5 minutes with the chairlift which leaves from Arabba's center, while in summer with a beautiful hiking of 40 minutes.