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Celebrate the wine in its many shades

Since April for seven weeks, a sequence of wine events accompany all the gourmets along the South Tyrolean Wine Road. Tastings, culinary specialties and initiatives with themes based on wine will be the outline of the Wine Festival.

An eno-gastronomic-cultural festival, unique in its gender, takes place every year during the springtime. Its primary purpose is to support and encourage the culture, art, land, traditions and flavors that characterize the well-known South Tyrolean Wine Road.

16 wine-producing towns and wineries along the Road will welcome the visitors with good wine tastings, explaining and telling the secrets of a noble and refined product that has accompanied the man at table for ages.

From Lagrein to the sparkling wine “Swinging bubbles” passing through the great classics: there are many wines for all the palates and for more or less expert enthusiasts. The program is designed to accompany both the tourist in Bolzano and the expert of wines throughout the province of Bolzano and surroundings.

At the same time, in May, there will be an unpolished version of WineSafari: Wine & Architecture. A series of excursions based on wine, gastronomy, cultivation techniques, producers and South Tyrolean land. The program includes also a path that will unite the wine and architecture binomial, in other words you can admire the wine farms and residences in the Oltreadige style, but also German Gothic buildings and Italian Renaissance era.

The event ends with the Cellar's night: the last night the cellars of the Wine Route, connected by a shuttle bus service, remain open from 5 pm to 12 pm to celebrate the art of wine and local gastronomic specialties.